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AHI specializes in working with Hospitals and Health Systems, Physician Practices, and Healthcare Provider Partners.​ We develop strategies to make the lives of those providing healthcare easier.

From boards and executive teams, to staff and patient experience – we develop strategies that are creative yet pragmatic and ensure a patient-centric approach while balancing fiscal resource management and solid ROI. Our partnership strategies guide healthcare practices in identifying partners that align with practice needs, culture, and goals,

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Our Services

AHI partners with your team to develop short and long-term strategic plans across key clinical areas that align with your organizational mission while challenging the status quo.  We work with providers and teams across the care continuum to evaluate the structure supporting your service line(s),  further develop the services you offer, determine areas to strengthen physician alignment, create the ideal market footprint for your clinical services, and align your service line goals and objectives with broader organizational initiatives. 

Our ability to assess competitive market dynamics and support hospitals and health systems in creating or refining their service line strategies is unparalleled.  We account for your demographic, competitive, payer, and market dynamics to ensure your strategies are nimble enough to flex for the evolving needs of the patients and stakeholders you serve, yet implementable and forward-thinking.

Physicians are under unprecedented pressure to manage the needs of their patients while running a successful business. The array of partnership options can be daunting and continuing to differentiate your services to find market growth can be overwhelming for practices to navigate.

AHI will help your practice identify your strengths and vulnerabilities and explore opportunities for growth through partnership development and differentiation of your services.  We ride shotgun with you to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape and enhance patient experience and practice outcomes.  Our team works with practices throughout the country to define the right mix of clinical services and footprint for your market and define the strategic partnerships to drive practice success.  We then help you integrate those services into the community and establish the practice structure to deliver long-term success. 

AHI works with your organization to align your capabilities with the needs of physicians, health systems, and other healthcare providers.  We help those who seek to better serve these providers align their value proposition with stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem to address unmet market need and find growth.  

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