Healthcare Provider Partners

An Evolved Approach To Working With Your Healthcare Customers
AHI works with your organization to align your capabilities with the needs of physicians, health systems, and other healthcare providers. We help those who seek to better serve Healthcare Providers answer the following strategic questions:
How do we engage our key customer segments differently and how do their needs vary by market?
Which potential partners most closely align with our capabilities, culture, and goals?
What are our competitive service differentiators that are most valuable to our healthcare provider customers, and where are there gaps in services that we could be providing?
How can our organization enhance our value proposition by partnering with healthcare partners differently?
How can we organize internally to best relate to and accomplish objectives for our healthcare provider customers?
What are the benefits of partnering with us and what should we expect of our partners?
What market scenarios might occur in the healthcare landscape that impact our business? How can we mitigate risks and capitalize on the benefits that these market changes afford us?
What messaging best represents our capabilities and resonates with our customers?


At AHI, we use our decades of experience as healthcare providers, leaders, operators, researchers, and consultants to not only help our partners select the right strategies, but to ensure they are implemented successfully.

We help our Healthcare Provider Partners bring clarity to their existing planning priorities and develop strategies that will differentiate them not just today, but in the future. Our unique datasets and proprietary tools will assess your existing value to your customer segments. We leverage those insights with additional research and interviews to give you a comprehensive understanding of your market position. We then collaboratively develop strategies that will best position you in the eyes of your customers while differentiating you in the marketplace. Finally, together we develop a refined, clear, and purposeful roadmap that aligns your capabilities with market and customer needs today and as they evolve to help you stand out from the endless line of potential partners claiming to solve the biggest challenges of the market leaders you are trying to reach.

The distractions and competing priorities physician practices and health system leaders face today are unprecedented. Competitive threats, endless demands for resource allocation, and individual professional priorities burden these health leaders tremendously. We help you better understand the goals and challenges of each of your customer segments and align those with your solutions to differentiate you in the marketplace. We then help you articulate those through messaging that will resonate with leaders throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare is arguably the most complex business in the world. We help your sales teams understand the key stakeholders in the healthcare environment, as well as the payment, partnership, technology, and operational trends that are impacting those customers. By concisely applying the complexity of healthcare to your environment and the implications of those trends to your organization, we help you evolve your relationships with your customers. Through facilitated workshops, we can also help you crystalize your value proposition and efficiently make decisions about your organizational priorities, allowing participants to step away from their daily responsibilities to re-energize projects that may have gone flat, pivot the direction of initiatives, and perhaps re-prioritize (or de-prioritize) initiatives that may no longer serve you well.

AHI has helped hundreds of organizations evaluate their strengths and value proposition to the marketplace, outlining distinctive characteristics that are valuable to others in the healthcare industry. Simultaneously, we help those same organizations view their capabilities through a critical lens and identify areas where there are resource or capability gaps. This intentional approach allows us to identify attributes of ideal partners, develop a vision for the partnership, and facilitate partnership discussions that can take your organization to the next level.

We begin with the end in mind, weaving in operational and implementation considerations from the first day we begin the strategic planning process.
Our strategies are creative yet pragmatic and ensure a patient-centric approach while balancing fiscal resource management and solid ROI.
Industry Experts who understand your challenges, the barriers, and common pitfalls.
Leverage our relationships to ensure a comprehensive perspective
Bridge the gap between strategy and execution

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